"Crazy ever after", this used to me my mentra.

Somehow I found my life is sooooooo dull lately, even though I am still in the middle of my last "crazy mission".

I can hear not only my brain but my whole body screaming out  " How can you be so boring? Where the hell is your carzy naure?? "


If leaving all my duties behind and rushing to Birmingham Christmas market in ONLY one day (it took me 6 hours for taking the train) isn't crazy enough, what else can it be?

Book an unplanned flight and fly all the way back to taiwan? (I Did think about that couple weeks ago. if I were 5 years younger, I swear I'll make that happen.)

Tramp around Europe? Maybe with illegal detetion will make it more challenging....

Jump out of an aircraft ? My Indian classmate told me that there's a parachuting society in my school, but the only problem is that you have to pay 200 pounds in advance.

What else? 

I feel so trapped!!! need to be refreshed!!

Hope in the following days, I can come up with some brilliant ideas as my new year's resolutions and bring them into action!!


Don't believe what your eyes are telling you.

Keep calm and believe in your heart.

More importantly, eat, pray and love every day.





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